Website Design

IC Web People are a web design company that specialise in creating great web pages both aesthetically and internally. By introducing fresh innovative techniques to design, we are able to make your web site stand out above the rest while adhering to brand ethos and providing an unbeatable customer experience. Internally we work hard to keep our finger on the ever changing button of technological advancement and push the boundaries with web optimisation specialities to ensure our hard work is passed on to you the client, with encouraged lead generating, search engine friendliness and most importantly of all an all round great experience for your customers. If you want our help or advice on a project simply contact us today.

web design

It’s not just what you can see, but what you can’t…

We are a company that take pride in delivering on our promises; ultimately we thrive on generating business for your business. This isn’t achieved by the aesthetics side alone but by having the internal workings customised and built to enable not only a fantastic web experience for your customers but also a focal point for them to find you in the first instance through effective web optimisation. You can have the most fantastic website on the internet from an aesthetics point of view, but if the foundations of a solid website with an effective use of keywords are not present and optimised, then none of your potential customers will see it. These, among other things are an integral element to web design that are often missed but something we build in to every web site as a great basis for future success. For more information or a custom quote contact us today.