Personalised Email

Your competition are doing everything they can to stand out in the most competitive job market for decades. Personal email accounts, Online CV’s, whatever they can to get noticed. If you are facing stiff competition make yourself different. Create a brand and get noticed.
IC Web People – Number 1 in the UK for personal email and hosted C.V. solutions.
Give yourself a 23%* better chance of getting your CV noticed!

Brand yourself!

Just £3 per month!

Save 20%!

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Get that new email address on your CV, covering letter, business card, linked in profile, facebook page and the rest! Need more? If you want to move into the 21st Century and have a professional online C.V. to go with your personal brand – click here to have a look (Only £2 extra!)

What do I get?

  • Your own personal brand!
  • A name of your choice
  • A hosted mail box with web mail
  • Simple settings for mobile setup
  • Simple settings for integration with Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo etc
  • Fully set up on your behalf
  • Support, should you need it!
  • Want more? Click here!

If you choose to pay yearly you can save an additional 20%! Once your payment is processed successfully you will receive a confirmation email and we will start setting up your account, then you just need to choose your new domain name and it will be good to go!

Take a look at our increasingly popular online curriculum vitae service. *Based on our online Manchester employer survey – Jan 2012