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Thursday, April 19th, 2012

>Mobile Web Design
>One Click Call
>W3C Compliancy
>Cross Platform Compatibility
>Lite Site Technology

Clapham Common Clinic

We created a mobile version of the the clapham common clinic web portal which delivers mobile customers the information they are looking for as well as one click call access

I need a website

Friday, April 13th, 2012

I need a website, it’s something we hear all the time, almost as much as “help my current web developer is rubbish” but most people who know they need a website don’t know why.

It is crucial to understand the marketing objectives of the business before deciding what it is that’s required.
For those of you that believe you don’t need a website, have a look here its old now but still relevant.

If you find yourself saying “i need a website” try to think about who you are trying to attract to it and why. Is it purely for information or will you be selling directly to them? Is it to advertise a product or service or is it for research purposes?

If you contact IC Web People, you can get a free consultation in person or over the phone and we can establish if you need a website, what you need from your website and how we can effectively deliver it according to your budget.

I need a website. Click here then!

New Website Maintenance Packages

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Our new website maintenance packages are proving very popular and we are receiving a lot of very positive feedback about the excellent value of these packages.

If you want to order a package please visit the website maintenance page.

We are offering these packages to both new and existing IC Web People customers and for a limited time only we are giving 20% off all packages when paid on a yearly basis.

IC Web People website maintenance – the best value on the web!